Professor oak

professor oak

Professor Oak is a Generation-1 professor who gives you your first pokemon at the begining of the game in the original series. You can choose from 3 different starters:

  • Charmander, a fire type pokemon. Weak against water type, strong against grass type.
  • Bulbasaur, a grass poison type pokemon. Weak against fire type, strong against water type.
  • Squirtle, a water type pokemon. Weak against grass type, strong against fire type.

Your Rival, Gary Oak, grandson of Professor Oak, chooses the pokemon that is strong against yours. If you chose a charmander, he will choose squirtle. If you chose squirtle, he will choose bulbasaur. If you chose bulbasaur, he will choose Charmander. He is sort of a jerk that way.

In pokemobs, he may be added in towns, but it is unconfirmed what he will do.

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