• Initial Release
  • Added 3 new mobs: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle
  • Added Pokedex And Pokedex GUI
  • Added Taming
  • Now Pokemon will defend you from Hostile Mobs


  • Added Leveling( up to lvl 30 next update will be up to 100)
  • Added Rare Candies (You have to cheat to get them at the moment)
  • Added Statistics
  • Added Pokemon name tags and health bars
  • Leveling Speed was fixed


  • Added a ton more pokemon
  • Added pokeballs
  • Added evolution
  • fixed some things


  • fixed pokeball names
  • fixed name tags so it doesn't look like big pokemon ate them


  • PC added
  • healing station added
  • Pokemon faint
  • added more pokemon
  • added more pokeballs
  • added team rocket
  • pokedex has new uses
  • added apricorns
  • pokemon spawn on peaceful


Pokemobs evolution!!! v001:25

Pokemobs evolution!!! v0.3 teaser

PokeMobs Evolution v0.3 Teaser

Pokemobs update V001:34

Pokemobs update V0.2

PokeMobs Updare v0.2

Pokemobs Update v0.102:21

Pokemobs Update v0.1.5

Pokemobs Update v0.1.5

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